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Congratulations to the following Associates who have recently passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.
Adam Honeybun
Observed by Steve Richmond
Andrew Byers
Observed by Dave Neal
Steve Jackson
Observed by Stirling Keens
Ian Melhuish
Observed by John Spinks
Mark Webb
Observed by Jez Graves

Observed by Pete Seymour

First Register Passes

Paul Gardiner

Mark Chidzoy
Observed by Steve Palmer and Nigel Williams

AGM Minutes

April 2014

BWAM Committee

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Well the winter nights are definitely upon us and we are nearly at the shortest day, so don't worry - it'll soon brighten up again!

For those of you still out and about on your bikes remember to wrap up warm as getting too cold will soon make your ride unpleasant and unsafe.  I ride regularly to my office in Swindon, and with my heated jacket and grips the journey has been very pleasant, although the country roads up to Marlborough can be a little dodgy at times with the mud and rain, it beats being in a car hands down!  Cautious progress is my mantra. 

For those of you that have noticed, we are now 'tweeting' and 'retweeting' and you can follow these on the BWAM home page or follow the @BWAMIAMgroup on Twitter. I try to pick up the interesting tweets from our examiner, Chris Smith (@dorsetbikecop) and the IAM (@IAMgroup ) amongst others, so keep checking in and have a look through them.  It's all part of my master plan to get hip wiv da young'uns  - or something like that!

For those of you who haven't yet realised that a very popular and once-a-year event is upon us where wise men get together and so you make sure that you don't miss it - yes I am talking about the Chairman's Quiz night on Monday 15th December at Cobhams.  So get yourself into a team and test your knowledge on all things from general knowledge, music, current affairs, sport, motorbiking and films.  It starts at 8 so get there early to secure your seat! 

If I see you at the Chairman's Quiz, or the Breakfast Run to Henstridge then I will wish you a Merry Christmas then, but if I don't have a good one and ride safe throughout the winter period, and please - DON'T DRINK and DRIVE/RIDE.

Tony Martin - Chairman

Chief Observer

Overall the weather during summer and autumn has been very kind to us. This has meant we have had a good season of motor cycle training for both observers and associates.

On the 1st November, the trainee and qualified observers held an observer training day. We started the day with a ride to Dorchester Then split into smaller groups to carry out individual observer training. Also, one of the groups tried out the use of radios to aid observer and associate training which was possible with the help of Paul Gardener.

The result was that in the right circumstance radios will help with training at all levels.  The results will be discussed at the next committee meeting and hopefully funds will be released to  purchase two radio sets.

In April 2015, I will complete my three year term as chief observer.  Steve Palmer has been elected by the observers to take over from me and I wish him all the best.

Observer training is going through significant changes at the moment, with the IAM introducing two new nationally recognised qualifications for observers which are local and national observer. The new qualifications mean that all the observers will need to retrain at these new levels.

Paul Gardener and Mark Chidzoy have successfully passed their first register test.

We have made a small change to the associate training program. The "anything can happen Saturday's" have been replaced by associate ride outs, with Jon Dunn running this event and will take the form of an associate social ride, possibly  followed by an observed session depending on the observers and associates present. A popular format following on from Claire and Paul's associate rides outs.

All the associates currently under training and not allocated to an observer are being invited to attend the OARs and ARO events.  As a result, those who are willing to put up with the weather are benefiting from the training given by our observers.

So a reminder to all unallocated associates, you have the opportunity to attend two observed rides a month. The OAR and ARO are there for you to take advantage of and will help prepare you for your test.

Safe Riding.
Dave Orvin


The website has got a Twitter feed so that gives you more reasons to visit us regularly, even if you don't use Twitter yourself.

I am also working on a new bit of the website called 'myBWAM' so that you will be able to view the information that we keep on you - this will include your email so that you can keep it up to date to keep receiving fantastic updates like this one!  

Also - and this will appeal to you all - you will be able to see all your ride reports in one place. At the moment your observer emails the ride report to you, but soon you will be able to see your own in one place. For most this will be an interesting view on how far you progressed through your initial training and may give you ideas on continuing your learning by getting involved in the Members Ride Clinics or the F1rst Register.  It may also be a requirement for the IAM to have regular reassessments (not compulsory yet), so keeping your ride reports in one place will be a helpful reminder. 

A gentle reminder for you all to keep us updated with your latest email address and if you know anyone that does not receive these emails, then get them to get in touch or they will continue to miss out. 

As always, if you have any ideas for the website, let me know

Tony Martin


Events Coordinator

Although we have entered the quietest time of the year numerous events have and will continue to take place over the winter season. Since the last newsletter at our monthly club nights we have enjoyed the company of Bournemouth Borough Council who regularly support the club and those at the meeting engaged in an interesting Q and A session on local road policy improvements and regulations.  Following this, Smart Riders gave a presentation on motorcycle clothing, safety features and examples of how it looked after high speed crashes from a high side crash on the TT circuit!

The next club night featured a presentation by Eddy Lambah-Stoate who linked his trackriding experience to its application to road riding and the synergy between the two. This proved to be both interesting and in cases very thought provoking.

Next up was a split evening between one of our members, Kerry Pope who is Chief Marshall at Poole Quay Bike night and a demo of puncture repair by Dave Orvin and Martin Saunders. Kerry recorded the history of how the bike night developed from just a few bikers to the biggest weekly motorcycle evening in the country. Dave and Martin then let members have a bit of fun attempting repairs with various amounts of success. 

The Chairman’s Christmas Quiz is next up which is for members and partners and will include a buffet.

On the ride front unfortunately we had to cancel the trip to Tiverton but this will be rescheduled for the start of the coming season. We had a monthly ride led by AndrewCarr in September which covered well over 200 miles and Andrew kindly fronted the ride to the NEC for the bike show via the back roads, 8 members choosing to take this route while several others were seen at the show having taken their cars to transport all of their purchases home afterwards!

Our club Christmas Breakfast Run is planned for 13 December which once again will be heading for Henstridge for some excellent food and hopefully another run down the airstrip. To conclude the year there will also be a New Year’s Eve ride for those with a free day who want to get some miles in before any partying takes effect later in the evening. If you wish to get in touch about any of the above or anything else please contact me via email at events@bwam.org.uk

Enjoy your riding until next time and in the meantime best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Nigel Williams


Another succesful season for BWAM, we are fortunate to have an enthusiatic team heading up the club training and social activities.

Both IAM and our club are evolving. The direction BWAM heads is guided by its members and elected committee. If you can assist, new faces and ideas are always welcome.

At present we have a vacancy for Vice Chairperson but there is no need to wait for the next AGM to add to the club's resources.

Merry Christmas and an enjoyable 2015

Martin Saunders


Over the summer months a number of opportunities have been taken to promote the club. The newly developed and designed Business cards are now in wide circulation popping up in dealer and accessory outlets and on advertising space throughout the County.
BWAM were again represented on the first Tuesday of June, July and August at the Road Safety evening at Poole Quay. Again we teamed up with Solent Advanced Motorcyclists, using their Display Trailer, this time positioning it in a more prominent position alongside the Bike Safe unit on the Quayside. On all three evenings we attracted a good deal of interest, speaking to a number of people who were genuinely interested and have subsequently signed up for the “Skills for Life” package and have now joined us. From both the organisers and our prospective, the events were deemed to be a success and we hope to return next year.
In July, BWAM were invited to attend the Smart Riders special weekend event, which was held to celebrate their 10th year of supplying motorcycling clothing and equipment. The event was well attended and created a great deal of interest attracting many visitors over the two day event. BWAM attended on both days and were pleased to speak with a number of interested people whom we hope may join in the future.
During the winter months, we will be working to refresh our publicity material, which will be circulated when complete. New Facebook and Twitter accounts have been launched which will enable us to reach a wider audience and this linked to a planned new look website in early 2015, will hopefully be of interest to members and attract additional interest in what we do. During 2015, we are also looking to increase the number of events we attend to promote the club. If anyone knows of any events where we would benefit from attending, then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Brian Hallett.
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