BWAM Summer Newsletter 2015
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Summer 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to the Summer Newsletter and while recently we have had some sunshine, the predominant summer weather patterns can probably be best described as 'changeable'!

Personally I went abroad to find sunshine and spent two weeks on the bike touring down to a good friend in Austria who runs a B&B. The roads in Southern Germany and Austria are fantastic and with hardly any traffic they present uninterrupted opportunities to progress. I put some pictures on the BWAM facebook page, so check them out if you haven't already. Hopefully I will get around to writing a short article in the next few weeks on my own experiences, so you can at least have some ideas if you don't already enjoy the delights of European touring. Next year I am off to South Africa on a guided motorbike tour round SA and the safari parks, so I'm already looking forward to that adventure!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the new BWAM banner on the Quay on Tuesday bike nights or even the odd bike sporting the new BWAM stickers. All this is part of a drive to get a little more exposure for the great work we do in improving the riding skills of the biking community across Dorset.  It will take time for the message to get out but I'm hopeful the work we are doing now will bring in more associates over the winter and into 2016.

Steve Palmer and the observer team have introduced a new Associates ride log which is very professional and will give all current and new associates a clear indication of their progress towards their IAM test. This will also ensure consistency across all our observers and give associates the confidence that they are getting the best rider guidance.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came on the Club Night ride out in August, a great turn out and a lovely dry evening ride to West Bay for Fish and Chips! These events are put on for your entertainment, so please support them when you can, you will enjoy the experience of riding in a group and we ride some of the best roads in Dorset and the surrounding counties. 

Don't forget the 21st September is back to our usual club night at Cobhams, so hope to see you there.

Tony Martin

Photo from the 17th August Club Night Ride Out

News from the web...


The website has been ticking along with relatively few hiccups the last few it must be time for an update!

I have been a little busy so it is taking longer than I had hoped but I can say that we are nearly there with the new release of the website. It is a complete redesign making it more phone, and tablet friendly.

It should be going live in September and will feature all the current pages and the re-introduction of a simplified forum so at least we can communicate with each other from time to time. 

It should make it easier for potential associates to find out about the IAM test and what we do as a club, and also for existing members to get the latest news on events and activities. Being a lot more mobile friendly you can get the information when you need it and in a formate designed for the device. 

Following on from this will be a new myBWAM section that will allow members to log on and see what information we keep on them an review all their old ride reports. 

So keep visiting the website and let me have your feedback. If you have any ideas you want to share about the website then email me at 

Tony Martin


Want something to do? Join in....

Over the last few months there have obviously been more rides with less indoor club nights due to rides for members and associates being regularly scheduled over June, July and August.  Two of these evenings saw trips led by Jon Dunn and Dave Orvin to Swanage for fish and chips in June and West Bay in August, the latter being attended by almost 40 riders.
Wednesday evenings have seen many rides coordinated by Martin Saunders with the second Wednesday of each month being a fish and chip run and the fourth being a trip down to Henstridge for their bike night with opportunities to sprint down the airstrip, thanks in particular to Martin for his efforts on these evenings which were appreciated by many.
Several members have helped give the club a presence at Poole Quay on many occasions this year and BWAM has been fortunate to have a club banner on the main roundabout every Tuesday promoting advanced riding throughout Dorset.  We have attended on nights when our examiner Chris Smith has been there with his BikeSafe team.
Recently Chris attended a club night with Dr Ian Mew who, as an A&E consultant who also works with the air ambulance, has finally commissioned a doctor’s emergency response bike with Chris’s help, the bike being a converted police bike, the first such case in the country.  Both Chris and Ian must be congratulated on this achievement.
We have five indoor club nights to arrange before the next summer ride season is upon us so if anyone has any contacts, desire or great ideas please let me know and I will attempt to schedule them on a third Monday of a winter month.
If you wish to get in touch about any of the above or anything else please contact me via email at
Enjoy your riding until next time.

Nigel Williams

Events Coordinator


Getting the club known...


Efforts to publicise BWAM have continued throughout the summer months and the BWAM name and strong image is now better known throughout a wider dealer network and equipment outlets.

BWAM  has  been  represented  on  numerous  occasions  at  Bike  Night  on  Poole  Quay,  since  it  re-commenced at the beginning of April this year. For most events many of you will have seen the new BWAM Banner, which has been displayed in a prominent position by the roundabout. We have also joined up with the BikeSafe pod endeavouring to promote BWAM and attract new associates to join us.The new BWAM stickers have been very well  received and are now available to full  members free of charge. Members displaying them on their bikes certainly helps to further promote the club. Any full members who wants some, then please ask when you next see me. Discussions are still on going with a view  to  holding  a  Ride  Safe  event.  It  is  proposed  that  this  event  will  comprise  of  both  a  theory session/presentation  as  well  as  a  ‘ride-out’  taster  session.  When  details  are  finalised  we  will endeavour to gain publicity and encourage the Council to advertise and promote this event. If anyone knows of any events where we would benefit from attending then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brian Hallett
Publicity Officer


....and finally...


Summer is well underway with a mixture of weather and activities. The observing team headed up by Steve Palmer continues to improve the riding standard of BWAM with a good number of test passes and member ride checks aiming towards improving members skills.

Poole Quay is as ever popular, the attendance varying with the weather. BWAM's banner being prominently displayed on the main roundabout.
Henstridge bike evening continues to grow on the 4th Wednesday of the Month, and the 'Not Poole Quay' event just outside Cranborne, also on Tuesday evenings, attracts many local enthusiasts

If you have any news of events or would recommend dealers or have favourite tea/coffee stops then please forward them on to me for the next Newsletter

Martin Saunders


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