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Congratulations to the following Associates who have recently passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.
Jason Townsend
Observed by
Martin Saunders

Clive Hale
Observed by
John Pearson and Paul Gardiner
Pete Seymour 
Observed by Steve Palmer
Achieved a F1rst Pass

BWAM Committee

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ChairmanRight Column Heading 

It's that time again already when I have to pen a few well chosen (!) words for the BWAM Newsletter.
I say already but when I checked back the last Newsletter was just before our AGM back in April.

Some new members were voted onto the committee at the AGM and some existing members were re-elected, but most importantly things appear to be running smoothly.
As always, any new thoughts and ideas are welcomed, particularly for 'Club Nights' or destinations for social rides.

Now that we are enjoying the longer days and lighter evenings, the next two Club Nights will move out of the usual indoor venue at Merley and onto the roads (more about that elsewhere in this Newsletter) so I look forward to enjoying the company of as many of you as possible on a Monday evening / Wednesday evening / Sunday ride soon,

Ride Safely

Jon Dunn 

Chief Observer

Looks like the good motorbiking weather has arrived. If you attended the OAR on the 27th June you will agree it hasn't come a moment too soon.

The OAR's and MRC's are gaining numbers for the summer season-which is good! These events are enjoyed by associates, members and observers. The OAR's give the new associate the chance to experience riding with an observer and to start their training for their advanced motorcycle test.
The MRC's are helping members brush up on their riding and preparing them for their 3 yearly riding assessment.
Over the May bank holiday 14 observers attended their annual training weekend to Wales. We were blessed with fine weather all weekend, this training helped the observers understand more of what the examiners expected from the associates on test.
My thanks to Jim, Chris and Mark for all their help over the weekend
More success with the first register test! Pete Seymour observed by Steve Palmer passed this test at a very high standard of riding (Chris Smith the examiner).
Pete is now going to use hs talents to start training as an observer.

We are putting together a Saturday morning ride for unallocated associates. When the plans are finalised Claire will e-mail everyone with the details.

Observer's time is a valuable club facility and if you are unable to meet up with your observer please let them know as early as possible to allow them to make best use of their voluntary time.

Dave Orvin 


Please let me know of any updates to the website in good time before the event.

Tony Summers

Associate Liaison

Waiting list continues to grow, hopefully more observers will be available as existing associates pass.

However to enable those on the waiting list to become involved with the club activities there are the OAR's, the July club night ride together with certain advertised fish and chip rides that are open to 'unallocated' associates to introduce you to the principles of better riding.

Come along and meet any member of the committee or the observing team, their photos are on the website either under 'people' or 'observers'.
We try to make new members welcome and get more out of your club!

Claire Saunders 

Social Rides

First Sunday of the Month rides organised, these tend to be longer rides over interesting routes to bike friendly destinations.
Expect 200-300 mile all day trip.
The lighter summer evenings have shorter rides (25-40 miles).
These are in addition to the Fish and Chip rides that run on the second Wednesday of each month.
To encourage new 'unallocated' members to become involved with BWAM, selected rides will be open to all and will be led by an observer.
e-mail messages will be sent to clarify which rides these are!

Events Coordinator

At the AGM members asked if they could be kept informed of events via e-mail as well as the website as more people looked at their e-mails regularly. To test this means of communication members were sent notice of Tony Summers' second slow riding master class after only one candidate had shown for the first. Tony had over a dozen arrive at the second after receiving the e-mail so after this success I will continue to send notification via e-mail in future knowing anyone can unsubscribe should they wish to do so.

Over the last two months we have had excellent club night sessions presented by Dave Jones and Jim McCarter which have been humorous, enlightening and entertaining.

As with most summers we do not book the room at Cobham for the usual club evening and this year is no exception. The next club night on the 15th July will be a 7:00 pm meet near the entrance at Cobhams. There will be a club ride-out for every club member and associate led by Dave Orvin and John Dunn whether cleared for usual club runs or not, therefore excluding no one. The ride will be approximately 3/4 hrs to a bike friendly destination for refreshments!  At a venue yet to be finalised there will be a BBQ type event starting with a ride for those interested for the August club night on the 19th, when all members and their families are very welcome to attend, we will need to collect numbers in order for the evening to be run smoothly and be as cheap, or should I say as good value as is possible.

The highlight of the evening will be that Stephen Hammond, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Department of Transport with responsibility for roads and maritime who assumed the role in September 2012 will be in attendance. Bearing in mind the nature of the evening members will be able to ask him their burning questions about motorcycling, roads or anything else informally at the BBQ or later at a Q and A session. So don't miss this opportunity but please let us know if you and your family wish to come!

An e-mail will be sent regarding the event and venue nearer to the time.

We will be back to normal with the club night on the 16th September with another guest speaker and more plans for the winter when the nights close in, such as an evening giving an insight into scrutineering at BSB, a potential TT night, more riding skills presentations and an equipment evening prior to the start of the next biking season.  One of our members, Howard Gladden, will be running an Emergency First Aid for Motorcyclists course during the winter and I have several reservations already for this but if others wish to register please let me know as soon as possible.

Watch out for more e-mails as the weeks progress so that you don't miss out on the programme that many members are helping to provide to make membership of the club great value.  If you wish to get in touch about any of the above or anything else please contact me via e-mail at Events Coordinator below.

Enjoy your riding until next time.

Nigel Williams


Two recent opportunities to promote the club have been sought, the first being the J.P. Morgan Transportation Festival in June where Claire, Nigel and myself attended their Castle Lane site during the day. Various other transport providers and outlets also attended which made for a good exhibition and enabled J.P. Morgan employees to visit our stand and gain a greater understanding of what BWAM do from both the advanced skills and safer riding perspective.

More recently, the evening of Tuesday 2nd July saw the first Road Safety Evening on Poole Quay. We had previously arranged to use the Solent Advanced Motorcyclists Display Trailer and despite both the lower attendance and adverse weather conditions, we attracted a good deal of interest with quite a few riders visiting us on the trailer, three riders from our area signing up for the IAM Skills for Life package on the evening. The Road Safety evening was deemed to be a success by the organisers and a future safety evening may be held on the first Tuesday of each month.

We have recently obtained two BWAM 'Advertising Sails' and a 'Publicity pull up Banner' to assist us promote BWAM at future events and club evenings.
Future promotion and sponsorship opportunities are currently being developed and I hope to report on these in future Newsletters.

Brian Hallett

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