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Congratulations to the following Associates who have recently passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.
Ed Norris -
Observed by
Stirling Keens
Adrian Robberts -
Observed by
Steve Richmond
Mark Palmer -
Observed by
Ian Newey

John Turner -
Observed by
John Spinks

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ChairmanRight Column Heading

HOPEFULLY we've now seen the last of the frost and the dreaded salt on our roads, I know I always feel much better once I've moved the clocks onto BST.
I'll try to be brief and stick to the main topic of the moment, our forthcoming AGM. The bad news is that two of our Committee have decided to resign this year, the good news is that two others have agreed to stand for election! We have also decided to create a new post this year, to deal with club sponsorship and publicity.
Please make every effort to attend the AGM of your club, you still have time to submit nominations for any of the committee posts, and we will also be presenting the Steve Strong trophy and the Observer of the Year award.
See you all on Monday.
Jon Dunn


The BWAM AGM will be held on the 15th April 2013 at the Cobham Social Club Merley, commencing at 8pm.
Re-election of all committee posts, the current committee post-holders can be viewed here.

The Treasurer's report for the year ending 28th February 2013 can be viewed here.
Presentation of the Steve Strong Trophy, an important statement of appreciation for the efforts of the recipient from us all.

Chief Observer

It's coming up to the end of my first year as Chief Observer and though I say it myself, all seems to be running smoothly.
The cold weather has reduced some of our motorcycling, especially due to the snow and ice. However, now I hope we can look forward to some good motorcycling during the summer months.
The OAR's and MRC's were run through out the winter for the first time with some good attendance from the Associates and Members. My thanks to the Observers for running and helping out at these events.
Due to the bad weather, the group Observer Training Days were reduced, hopefully these will return now the weather is improving.
A forthcoming event in Wales next month will see some of our Observers attending a training weekend. We are very fortunate in having local Examiner, Chris Smith and Bristol Examiner, Jim McCarter attending to share their skills and experience. They will be giving advice and guidance to help improve our own observing skills which we can then pass on to our Members.
A final note, we have had more success with the F1rst Register test. Some Observers and Members have managed to achieve this very high standard of riding, well done !
Safe riding everyone.

Dave Orvin

Associates Coordinator

Usually in this newsletter I would be pushing New Members Rides but this year we have decided not to do them. Paul Gardiner and myself felt that after four years it was time to have a break and come up with something else. That something else has yet to be decided on! Any new members who have any ideas, suggestions thoughts please let me know if there is anything you would like to do as a new member/unallocated Associate.
A massive thank you to Paul for leading the rides and to all the Observers, Members and Unallocated Associates who turned up for the rides and for their support.
As I am not pushing New Members Rides I can push the Observed Associate Ride's which Tony Summers is running. The OAR's are for unallocated associates so please if you can take the opportunity to attend one, then do so. It goes without saying that the Observers are there to get you through your test and they give up their time voluntarily and more important willingly so please make the most of them!
Claire Saunders 

Membership Secretary

Full members are reminded that club subscriptions for the year 2013-14 became due on 1 March 2013. In these austere times I am pleased to say we have been able to maintain our annual membership subscription at £15 for the coming year.
Many thanks go to those who have already made payment. If you have not already made payment please would you do so now. Members who currently pay by annual standing order during March need take no further action as your payment will have been received. If you cannot remember if you pay this way please check with your bank. We continue to receive incorrect or duplicate payments from some and this causes considerable additional work for the Club to chase the balance and credit errors. 
If you have not paid and wish to do so by cheque please make it payable to BWAM, write your name on the back of the cheque and post it to me:
Andrew Carr
Burley Street
BH24 4DD
If you wish to pay into our bank account directly please contact me at membership@bwam.org.uk and I will send you details of how to do so. Those who must pay in cash may do so by contacting me at Club night.
Associates are reminded that it is only their first year's membership of BWAM that is included within their Skill for Life Package purchased from the IAM and that subscriptions are due thereafter at the rate of £1.25/calender month up to our year end and £15/year currently thereafter. You will be contacted if this applies to you.
In order to keep our administrative costs low and therefore our subscription rates the same, please ensure that BWAM hold your current email address and other contact details. Any changes may be emailed to me at membership@bwam.org.uk.
Please note that to be a member of BWAM you are required also to maintain your IAM Membership.
Happy biking

Andrew Carr

Chairman's  SWPSR Report

Another Year, Another Gold, Another Great Day out!
Sparky Chris arrived at Dunn Towers on the dot of 6.55am, whilst I was still putting on my fourth and fifth layers of warm clothing!
We left Blandford ten minutes later, with the Honda onboard thermometer showing -1C !!
Therefore we headed over to the start at Langport, via Sturminster Newton, Sherborne and Yeovil very carefully.

Click here to read full report

Jon Dunn
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