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Congratulations to the following Associates who have recently passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.

Trevor Catt -
Observed by John Spinks

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April 2011

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Welcome to the latest edition of our Club Magazine

Firstly, I would like to welcome each of our new members so far this year, Rob Charman, Tim Cheetham, John Glover, Deborah Crockaert, Stephen Mills, Tony Martin and Euan Campbell. If I have missed anybody out then I will buy you a drink at the AGM to apologise.

Since our last newsletter just before Christmas, we have had just one Advanced Test pass (Congratulations to Trevor Catt) and one Observer Test pass. So now that the clocks have been moved forward and the warmer weather is upon us, may I encourage all of our Associates and Trainee Observers to get out there and get on with it!!

As we enter the traditional biking season (even though most of us ride all year round!) our programme of events grows dramatically so there should be plenty going on for all of us to get involved with something.

Claire and Paul will be re-starting their monthly ‘Unallocated Associates’ rides in April. And under the guidance of our new Chief Observer, Dave Orvin, some of the observer team will be organising MRC's , OAR's and MRSA's. If you want to know what each of these acronyms actually mean, don't ask me - ask Dave.

Whilst you're at it, why not ask the Chief Observer about the First Register, and how you may be able to earn yourself a place on it? As far as I know only one BWAM member has his name on the First register so far - so the gauntlet has been laid down for the rest of you!

Our social runs for members and approved associates shall obviously continue throughout the year, and from 4th April onwards there will be a ride out from Wimborne EVERY Wednesday evening during the summer!

The April Club Night, on Monday 16th April, will of course be our AGM, where you get to have your say on how your club is run, and by who. All committee posts, with the exception of the Chief Observer are up for re-election each year.

Currently, all of the existing committee members have indicated that they are willing to carry on in their present posts for the coming year (provided you still want them to of course) with the exception of the Vice Chairman and the Events co-ordinator.

We have received one nomination for the role of Events Co-ordinator, but unfortunately none for the role of Vice Chairman. However, there is still time and Tony has kindly included a link below to the Nomination Form.

Finally, I would like to record the thanks and gratitude of the club to the three committee members who are ‘retiring’ from their official positions at the forthcoming AGM, none of whom are leaving the club and each of whom will continue to be very much involved in the smooth running of BWAM.

Justine Brett, Chris Green and Mark Bezzant have served on the committee of BWAM for a combined total of over fourteen years. Justine has done an excellent job over the last two years in improving the quality of our Club Nights, as well as organising Treasure Hunts, Photo competitions and much more besides.

Chris Green has held the positions of Events Co-ordinator and Vice Chairman, as well as serving as our Chairman for three years. Chris will continue to serve the club well in his role as Senior Observer, and it is because of his desire to spend more time doing this that he has decided to stand down from the committee.

Mark Bezzant, I believe has served on the committee for even longer than Chris, certainly longer than I have been a BWAM member, the last three years of which he has undertaken the role of Chief Observer. Mark will also be continuing in his role as Senior Observer, adding a valuable contribution to our Observing team.

Jon Dunn

The BWAM AGM will be held on the 16th April 2012 at the Cobham Social Club Merley, commencing at 8pm.

All committee posts are up for election, so please nominate a candidate using this form and post/give it to the club secretary by 9th April 2012. The current post-holders can be viewed here.

Here you can get a nomination form for the Steve Strong Trophy, an important statement of appreciation for the efforts of the recipient from us all.

Associates Co-ordinator
The start of the fair weather rider season is almost upon us and I am including myself in that group! My role has been fairly quiet over the winter months but nevertheless we have had a steady flow of new members signing up which is always encouraging.

April brings the start of the Unallocated Associate Rides which I am looking forward to with the assistance of Paul Gardiner. Who knows where Paul will lead us over the coming months.

Over previous years we have aimed these rides solely at Unallocated Associates but have decided to open it up to all Associates who have not been approved by their Observer for group riding. Full members, Observers and Trainee Observers for their part are just as important as the Associates to make the rides worthwhile as their knowledge and time is invaluable to the smooth running of these rides.

I expect most of you know who I am and my role as Associate Co-ordinator is something I have made up over the last three years but if there is any Associate who has a query or feels I can do more to assist them please do contact me and I will help out where I can.

I hope Associates find these rides of benefit - I know it always helps me to put a face to a name and it is always good to see members taking part as well so thank you all once again.. Rides depart at 12.30 p.m. from Cobham Social Club Merley - please feel free to bring pillions for a social afternoon of discovering the delights of Dorset.

Dates and more details can be found on the Forum and Events calendar

Claire Saunders

Events Co-ordinator
The summer is here.....well we could be forgiven for thinking so in the last week. Fabulous weather to shake off the dust sheet and get out on the bike (or is that just me?). Well, to inspire us during the cold months of January, February and March, the focus has been on long distance challenges on a bike.

Back in January we had John Challis showing pictures of' Enduro Africa 2011', a challenging off-road ride across the Wild Coast of South Africa in aid of charities supporting vulnerable children living in very poor conditions and circumstances. It was presented from the personal perspective of a participant aiming to give an overview of issues leading up to the event and encountered during the event. Having worked with them on one of the school projects there John knows that the infrastructure is in place to deliver and monitor targets, ensuring that it remains sustainable. Anyone interested in either taking part in this life-enhancing event or donating towards Touch Africa, can contact John on 01929 427625 or e‑mail john@jchallis.plus.com or go directly to 'Touch Africa' website (www.touchafrica.info).

February the girls came in - Pat and Sheonagh, two intrepid women who have been riding motorcycles for a combined total of 75 years! Sheonagh rode round India way back in 1987 (no internet, no mobiles, no GPS) and in 2006, Pat and Sheonagh rode 25,000 miles through South America. They talked about their latest journey, 22,000miles taking 16months, through Central America and Asia on Honda Falcon NX400's. All part of their bid to raise funds for Motorcycle Outreach (www.touchafrica.info) a British charity that provides motorcycles, training and bike maintenance for health-workers in remote parts of Indonesia. These bikes have made a big difference in reducing the level of maternal and infant mortality, malaria, TB, HIV and malnutrition.

And in March RideWithUs presented their range of organised self-guided and led motorcycle holidays they do around Eastern and Western Europe. The video showed some amazing scenery and one or two quite challenging mountain roads!! So hopefully these speakers have instilled an appetite to take on a bit of a challenge this summer, and maybe go international! Or for the more leisurely rider, maybe you just feel inspired to donate.....either way, we can do good and have fun.

Well, this is actually my last entry as Events Coordinator as I am now standing down at the AGM due to work pressures but I plan to be around to enjoy the continuation of Club Night speakers and events. Please continue to support my successor with your ideas or contacts for a club event by e‑mailing events@bwam.org.uk.

Enjoy the sunshine,


New Chief Observer
As you are all aware Mark Bezzant has been the Chief Observer with the club for the last three years. In that time he has shown total commitment to the role and responsible for introducing a number of new training ideas such as the GTARs (OARs), MRC and Group Observer Training. These activities have all been very well received by the Associates, Members and Observers.

It is now time for Mark to step down and hand the role over. I was very pleased to be asked to take over from Mark. Mark and I have, over the last 3 months, been going through a period of hand over and I have now realised just how much work is involved in being the Chief Observer!

I will endeavour to maintain the high standard Mark has set and work with everybody to promote the club and assist with the training. Whether this is at the Associate, Member, Observer or Senior Observer level.

I would like to thank Mark for all his hard work over the last three years and look forward to his continued support.

Many Thanks

Dave Orvin

All BWAM members can have access to the Forum. If you do not have access, please e‑mail Matt or Tony at forum@bwam.org.uk with your name, e‑mail address and BWAM Group membership number.

Have you a Twitter account? Then follow our Examiner Chris Smith
This link can also be found at IAM Test


Ride Calendar
Through the season the intention is to have an organized ride on the first Sunday of each month (see Events Calendar in side bar).

This year there are Wednesday evening rides which include the Fish and Chip run on the second Wednesday of each month from April to September, commencing with the lighter evenings (see Events Calendar in side bar).

Additionally John Spinks will be running his 'Farts' rides for those lucky enough to have Wednesdays free (see 'Farts' Rides in side bar).

Track days are always popular and if a group can book then there are often discounts or sole use of track available.

However you like to ride there should be something for you this coming year.

All current details on the website.

Training rides
Unallocated Riders Ride Out.
Associates yet to be allocated to their observer, will get the opportunity to meet and ride with members and associates on the introductory rides organized by Claire and Paul.

Tony Summers will be leading the 2012 Observed Associate Rides (OAR's) starting Thursday 17th May.
For the unallocated associate an OAR is a ride out with an observer to help you to get an 'insight' into the aspects of advanced riding. For the allocated associate this is an opportunity to gain additional input into your riding syllabus. To take part in this activity you will need to have purchased a 'Skill for Life' package from the IAM. If you have not already done so you can do this by logging onto the 'Motorcyclist' page of the IAM website, iam.org.uk..
Tony Summers

Steve Palmer will be organising the Members Rides Clinics and Members Ride Skill Assessments (MRSA).
The arrival of lighter evenings heralds the return of MRC's which officially start on Thursday 17th May. The clinics are solely for members wanting to brush up on their skills and stay in touch with the standard they achieved on passing the Advanced Test. Some members may wish to lift their ride to new heights! A new initiative this year is the chance to be assessed in a formal way by Martin Sheppard. The Members Ride Skill Assessment will give a score with plenty of feedback allowing the member a clear understanding of his standard on the day. There are no implications for club or IAM membership. This will be a positive experience - an opportunity to gain input and be assessed. Those members wanting to attend MRC's and aim for an MRSA should make contact with me by e‑mail mrcbwam@gmail.com. The MRC observers will prepare members for the assessment and forward an application to Martin when they are ready. A very good score may lead you to think of 1st Register (details available on the IAM web site). If you do not want to be assessed but would like to have an observed ride and get feedback in the way MRC's have always done - do not worry - we are here for you. Just contact me on the e‑mail address above and I will organise enough observers to meet demand. MRC's remain by appointment only to allow matching of observers to members. All members with an e‑mail address provided to the club will receive an invitation with the dates available. I look forward to seeing you.
Steve Palmer

For more information on all training rides see sidebar.

Dorset County Council Subsidy for Skill for Life
BWAM has received funding for subsidising up to 30 new associates living, working or studying in Dorset. The intention is to reimburse 50% of the Skill for Life cost when the associate has completed the syllabus and applies for test.
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