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Fish 'n' Chip Runs

13th April
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18th April
16th May

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27th February
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Commences 5th May
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16th April
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Test Passes

Congratulations to the following Associates who have recently passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.

Mike Minton - Observed by Martin Saunders
Adrian Rupp - Observed by Alec and Pearl James
Pat Cherrett - Observed by Alec and Pearl James
Matt Holbrook-Bull - Observed by Ian Newey

AGM Minutes

April 2010

BWAM Committee

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Steve Strong

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Interesting year with the weather, but apart from -5 and ice it's great to see the same old ‘die hards’ who meet up at Avon Forest every Saturday morning to pick up on whatever is going on - well done. Even if you've passed your test and you're in that void, pop along for 09:30. From this many members have become Trainee Observers.

As I have always said the club is a ‘Members Club’ and it is you, the members, that will get more out of it when you put more in, eg ride ins, fish & chip runs and Sunday runs which are all advertised on the BWAM web site. Remember, if you fancy a run then put it on the forum and get a group together!!

We extend the warmest of welcomes to Simon Ford, Nick Johnson, Rod Wilcox and most recently Sadie Sayers and hope very much to see them at our club nights and social rides when they are ready.

We will soon be seeing the AGM so if you have any aspirations of being part of the Club as a committee member, now is your chance. After three years as Chairman I will be letting some fresh blood flow in and will enjoy and dedicate more time to my role in the Club as Senior Observer.

Remember the Photo Competition, I've started with vengeance, should be good for a laugh.

Safe Biking!!

Chris Green

The BWAM AGM will be held on the 18th April 2011 at the Cobham Social Club Merley, commencing at 8pm.

All committee posts are up for election, so please nominate a candidate using this form and post/give it to the club secretary by 12th March 2011. The current post-holders can be viewed here.

Here you can get a nomination form for the Steve Strong Trophy, an important statement of appreciation for the efforts of the recipient from us all.

Associates Co-ordinator
Unallocated Associate rides will recommence in April.

This is an opportunity for Riders who are awaiting assessment by an Observer to meet up for a chat and a ride-out. This informal meeting gives the new-comer to BWAM a chance to meet our Associate Co-ordinator, an Observer and BWAM Full-Members.

Dates and more details can be found on the Forum and Events calendar

Rides depart at 12.30 p.m. from Cobham Social Club Merley.

Claire Saunders

Welcome to the NEW e-Newsletter. You should have easy to use Hyperlinks to web site pages, posts in the Forum and .pdf files for download. Unfortunately the paper copy that some members may received in the past will cease as this new format does not print well and Hyperlinks have never worked on paper, this is the 21st century you know!

All BWAM members should have membership to the Forum, if not please email Matt or Tony at forum@bwam.org.uk with your name, email address and BWAM Group membership number.

Please enjoy this new and interactive newsletter.

I hope this displays correctly for all members no matter what OS or Web-browser you use? Should it not display correctly email me explaining the problem, give details of your Operating System, Email client and the Web-browser you use and I'll try and correct the problem for the next issue.


Membership Matters
Full members are reminded that club subscriptions for the year 2011-12 become due on 1 March 2011. In these austere times I am pleased to say we have been able to maintain our annual membership subscription at £12 for the coming year.

Members who currently pay by annual standing order need take no further action. Those who wish to pay by cheque may do so by making them payable to BWAM and posting them to me at:

Burley Street
BH24 4DD

Please write your name on the back of the cheque. Those who must pay in cash may do so by contacting me at Club night.

Associates are reminded that it is only their first year's membership of BWAM that is included within their Skill for Life Package purchased from the IAM and that subscriptions are due thereafter at the rate of £1/calender month up to our year end.

In order to keep our administrative costs low and therefore our subscription rates, please ensure that BWAM hold your current email address and other contact details. Any changes may be emailed to me at bwammembership@btinternet.com.

Please note that to be a member of BWAM you are required also to maintain your IAM Membership.

Happy biking

Andrew Carr
BWAM Membership Secretary

Committee News
The committee meeting held on 24th January at The Peter's Finger attempted to guide the club forward in 2011.

The importance of having definite events for Club-night and a Ride Calendar is realised and on the Events section of the website.

Ride Calendar
Through the season the intention is to have an organized ride on the Sunday after club-night (see Events Calendar in side bar).

Fish and Chip runs on the second Wednesday of each month from April to September, commencing with the lighter evenings (see Events Calendar in side bar).

Additionally John Spinks will be running his 'Farts' rides for those lucky enough to have Thursdays free (see 'Farts' Rides in side bar).

Longer distance riders may be interested in the South West Peninsular Rally (see Forum), Iron Butt Challenge and trips to France.

Track days are always popular and if a group can book then there are often discounts or sole use of track available. Justine's photographic competition (rules on website) is another opportunity to share and enjoy what is for most of us our favourite hobby.

All current details on the website.

Training rides
Associates yet to be allocated to their observer, will get the opportunity to meet and ride with members and associates on the introductory rides organized by Claire and Paul.

Dave Orvin will continue with his ride clinics for members who have passed their test.

If you are an unallocated associate and would like an observed ride, please contact Dave Orvin at daveorvin@yahoo.co.uk to arrange a convenient time and place.

However you like to ride there should be something for you this coming year.

All current details on the website.

Dorset County Council Subsidy for Skill for Life
BWAM has just received funding for subsidising up to 30 new associates living, working or studying in Dorset. The intention is to reimburse 50% of the Skill for Life cost when the associate has completed the syllabus and applies for test.
BWAM 2011 Photo Competition
Enter the BWAM 2011 Photo Competition and the person with the most points will be announced at the Skittles Evening event in December 2011 and prize awarded.

Get your competition entry form here

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