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Test Passes

Congratulations to the following Associates who have recently passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.

Paul Spence -
Observed by Martin Saunders
Dean Morgan -
Observed by Andrew Carr
Den Murphy -
Observed by Ian Newey
Darren Elbrow -
Observed by Martin Saunders
Stuart August -
Observed by Stirling Keens
Simon Ford -
Observed by Steve Richmond
Trevor Green -
Observed by Alec James
Mason Newport -
Observed by Pearl James
Mike Raymond -
Observed by Chris Green
Nick Johnson -
Observed by Paul Gardiner
Jeff Markely -
Observed by Steve Palmer
Justin Stringfellow -
Observed by Chris Lockyer

AGM Minutes

April 2011

BWAM Committee

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As I sit down to type this brief message, I was reminded that this time last year we were snowed in. We couldn't even get a car out onto the road for two days, let alone a motorcycle So I for one am grateful that the mild weather that we have enjoyed so far this winter has allowed us an extended biking season.

Although, it would have been cheaper if my bike had been snowed in today as shortly after waving goodbye to my associate this morning, I suffered a front tyre puncture ten miles from home – bugger.

Recovery option number 1 (Wife bringing can of Tyre Weld out) failed when once I'd re-inflated the tyre all of the Tyre Weld got spat out through the split in the tread. Therefore option number 2 was required (AA Recovery truck) full marks to the AA this time though, who took fifteen minutes from telephone call to arrival. I should have called them first as they arrived much quicker than option 1!

And ‘bike on recovery truck’ wasn't even a category for the BWAM photo competition.

All that remains now is to have a new tyre fitted and hopefully scrubbed in in time for Howard's New Year's Eve ride to Exmoor – provided it's not snowing of course.

So, a brief look back at BWAM's key achievements for 2011, must start with our 18 Test passes, 3 Observer test passes and 1 Senior Observer test pass. Shortly followed by a varied and interesting programme of Club Night presentations, and a full programme of social riding events including FARTS rides, Sunday rides to several different destinations near and far and the ever popular Unallocated Associates rides.

The Committee met earlier this month, at a much improved venue (Thank you Richard) among other things to arrange the social ride programme for next year. Each of these events are now publicised on the Website, we are looking forward to seeing all of you during 2012 on whichever events you are able to get to.

As always, volunteers to lead each of the monthly ‘First Sunday’ rides are required. Please volunteer your services if you feel able.

All that remains is for me to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year

Jon Dunn

Associates Co-ordinator
Unallocated and Allocated Associates Rides will be starting again in April until October with Paul Gardiner and myself. They continue to be popular with not just Associates but also members and their input is very much appreciated and welcomed. I have lost count how many new members we have met but it is always worthwhile putting faces to names and satisfying when they pass their tests.

Over the last couple of months there have been theory sessions open to Associates which have been before Club Nights which will continue for the winter months and come the summer months training sessions will be starting once the evenings get lighter. Dates have yet to be organised so keep an eye on the website. All in all the Club continues to offer Associates a variety of opportunities but any comments/thoughts are always welcomed.

Claire Saunders

Events Co-ordinator
The Treasure Hunt in mid August was not quite the scorching weather hoped for this time of year, but least it was dry and the sun did make it out for the latter part of the day. Could say perfect biking weather — certainly was for the dozen or so who turned out for BWAM's first Treasure Hunt.

Team sizes varied from 2 on a bike to a small pack ride out. They say two heads are better than one. Certainly true for the tie breaker questions — but not everyone realised they had that to do on their return (obviously a few were not listening to the briefing)!

So two clues per village, 10 villages to visit and plenty of tea stops on the way.........and back to the start point for the answers to be marked and a tie breaker set of questions on ‘How well do you know Dorset?’.

A very close outcome, but there was a clear winner, despite the debate on how many parts make up a brass door knocker. If you want to know more about that one, ask Jon!! If you think you know Dorset really well, why don't you try the questions:

Autumn has whizzed past in a blink of an eye and now it is nearly Christmas. Since the summer of the treasure hunt and BBQ, Club Nights have moved to the indoor variety with various speakers. In September we had ‘Meet the Examiner’ night with Chris Smith, then a very interesting talk in October by Alan Payne on T.E.Lawrence and the Brough Superiors followed by Mike Minton in November discussing the work of the Afghan Heroes. And now for a bit of a social night in December (afraid the skittles alley was already booked a year ago!!).....so instead, the plan is an evening viewing the entries to the photo competition.

We already have an interesting and varied schedule planned for 2012 Club Nights and Ride Outs, but remember, if you have a contact of anyone interested in presenting one evening, or even an idea you would like me to follow up, just drop me an at events@bwam.org.uk and I will do what I can.

Merry Christmas, Justine Brett

Ride Calendar
Through the season the intention is to have an organized ride on the first Sunday of each month (see Events Calendar in side bar).

This year sees the return of the Wednesday evening rides, these are open to members and associates cleared by their observer for club rides. Please keep checking the Events calendar.

Fish and Chip runs on the second Wednesday of each month from April to September, commencing with the lighter evenings (see Events Calendar in side bar).

Additionally John Spinks will be running his 'Farts' rides for those lucky enough to have weekdays free (see 'Farts' Rides in side bar).

All current details on the website.

Training Rides
Associates yet to be allocated to their observer, will get the opportunity to meet and ride with members and associates on the introductory rides organized by Claire and Paul.

Steve Palmer will be leading the Members Ride Clinics, these are for members who have passed their test and wish to refresh their skills.

For 2012 following on from the MRC's there is the opportunity for members to have a Members Ride Skill Assessment (MRSA) of their riding. This will give you an idea of your present riding standard. Perhaps you are thinking of taking the IAM's Member's Assessment in order to try and achieve an all 1's score and get on the ‘IAM F1RST Register’?

Tony Summers will be leading the 2012 Observed Associate Rides (formerly GTAR's). These give associates the opportunity of a midweek observed ride. Watch your Inbox for an invitation email once the evening get longer.

However you like to ride there should be something for you this coming year.

All current details on the website.

Observer News
Recently Stirling Keens, Tony Summers and Steve Richmond have passed there Qualified Observer test, congratulations to them and their Senior Observers Dave Orvin and Paul Gardiner.

Vince Woolley and Marcus Westcott have started there Observer training, Vince is under Chris Green's wing and Marcus under Dave Orvin's, good luck to them both.

Steve Palmer passed his Senior Observers Test and now has his own Observer Team. Well done Steve.

Dorset County Council Subsidy for Skill for Life
BWAM has received funding for subsidising up to 30 new associates living, working or studying in Dorset. The intention is to reimburse 50% of the Skill for Life cost when the associate has completed the syllabus and applies for test.
All BWAM members can have access to the Forum. If you do not have access, please email Matt or Tony at forum@bwam.org.uk with your name, email address and BWAM Group membership number.


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